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This is a Pre-Biotic Intra-Inter-Cellular Food, It Helps Fight Mucus, it also helps with Digestion, Skin, Thyroid Health, Iodine Consumption, Weight Loss, Anti-Bacterial, Stamina, & Joints

INGREDIENTS: Certified Wildcrafted/Organic Caribbean Gold Irish Sea Moss 

Imported from Grenada 

Suggested Use: *RINSE AND CLEAN VERY WELL*  Take 1 oz. after the rinse & clean, let it soak & expand in Spring Water for 2 hours or more.  Blend with 2 to 1 Springwater, depending on how thick of Gel you want. Refrigerate to thicken into Gel.

Add at least 1 Tbsp to your Juice, Smoothie, Soup, or Food!

NOTE: Being that your body is 80% Water while Taking Sea Moss drink at least a 1/2 Gallon of Water a day, this way you become more Balanced much sooner.