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Cell Function Vitality

Soursop helps with Diabetes, Parasites, Immunity, Anti-Aging, Liver, Gastrointestinal & Colon Health! It Lowers High Blood Pressure, & it also has a Calm Effect.

SourSop also has Anti-Cancer properties as it Fights Abnormal Cell Growth! You can also blend this with other Alkaline Tea that we offer, by using our Stainless Steel T-Ball Strainers (see on products page) #yourgonnaluvit

INGREDIENTS: (Guanoabana) Soursop Leaf Imported from Jamaica

Suggested use: Boil 20 0z. of Spring Water with 3 leaves to a boil. Steep for 10 minutes or more Enjoy. Reheat or add Ice, Seeded Lemon, and Agave & have a Cold Alkaline Ice Tea.


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