Alkaline Juices


All of our Alkaline Juices are Electric Foods that are made from the Electric Food List. They're all Dr. Sebi approved and Net pH! So that makes them Electric-Vegan, Afro-Vegan, Gluten free, & free of negative acid. They also help your Hemoglobin and Lymphatic system as well as helping with weight & glycemic level management.

Exodus Alkalizing Products help to Alkalize the Body and raise your pH Balance so your body can sustain itself away from Disease. Our Products help remove Acid and Mucus from the body by drinking & eating food from the Electric Food list! Thus mineralizing the Body!!

We help you implement an electric food regimen, for your alkalizing journey to proper health & wellness, through juicing, food, and alkalizing herbs! We deliver locally to the Las Vegas Area & ship herbs nationwide! Our juice fast & food regiments help make the transition 5X easier than your traditional juice fast, or quest to become Vegan or Alkaline Vegan.