Ok you know the Human Body is Energy right, thus Electric. So ELECTRIC FOOD (plants 🌱) have living Organisms and Cells. Just like the Human Body has Trillions of Living and Active Cells, this is what makes you ALIVE! With the Proper Amount of IRON FLUORINE sparking those Cells, it Creates The Lifeline of Energy!! Thus Being Live! If you Feed the body Dead food like Meat & Processed food it’s not Electric it’s DEAD Cells! YOU need to Alkalize✨

ALKALIZING is creating an Alkaline Ash within your body by eating and drinking foods that have a higher Alkalinity which are ELECTRIC FOODS. Doing so Balances the body to build a higher pH to become more Alkaline, ridding your body of Negative Acid & Mucus which are the No. 1 causes of disease. So if you are in Transition to become more Alkaline, to raise your pH, the food you eat should be at least 80% Plant based food, that’s live!!

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