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Sea Moss Gel

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    Mega Minerals

    Sea Moss Gel is a Pre-Biotic, Intra & Inter Cellular Food! It Helps rid the Body of Acid in the Gut, to Fight off Mucus. It also helps with Weight-loss, Digestion, Skin, Thyroid Health, Iodine Consumption, Anti-Bacterial, Stamina, Muscle, Bones & Joints!

    More Benefits:

    • Contains 92 of the 102 minerals your body is comprised of and needs to sustain Alkaline Health And Wellness.
    • Slow-release carbohydrates that ignite   Long-lasting energy levels.
    • Excellent form of Calcium & Potassium for muscle and joint inflammation, strong bones, and recovery.
    • Amazing for hair, nails, skin & bones To replace the consumption of animal Collagen 
    • Helps boost your metabolism and Balance Weight Loss
    • Rich Source of Iodine
    • Excellent for Thyroid
    • Great source of Mucilage  

    Ingredients: (Chondrus Crispus) Certified Wildcrafted/Organic Caribbean Gold Irish Sea Moss Imported from Grenada  

    Internal Suggested Use: Add 1 Tbsp. to your Juice, Smoothie, or Food. As a Tea, add to 16oz. of boiling Spring Water, steep & stir. Note: While Taking Sea Moss stay hydrated!  Try to drink 1 Gallon or at least a 1/2 Gallon of Spring or Alkaline Water a day. 

    External Suggested Use: (Regular Flavor) Use as a Facial Mask: Put a Tsp. in the palm of your hand, rub evenly over your face, let the gel air dry for 15-20 mins. Or put a Tbsp. in your bath water and enjoy your smooth and Subtle skin afterward. #alkalizeup #yourgonnaluvit

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