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    This 1 Day cleanse gives You Mega Nourishment! 

    5 cold-pressed Juices and a Salad for the end of the day! Some of the Juices have Irish Sea Moss, Bladderwrack, Maca, and Burdock Root. To increase your Mineral Consumption! 

    These ingredients will start the mineralization process within your System and help rid your body of Acid and Mucus, helping to raise your pH balance! Plus there is an E-Salad to Keep you encouraged! 

    Exodus’s Full Day Cleanse Start with drinking a 16-ounce bottle of spring water with the Juice of 1 Seeded 🍋 Lemon.

    Drink 15 minutes before brushing your teeth or eating anything! This puts the proper Gut flora and bacterial properties into your gut to lose weight and start your Alkalizing Balance✨💯

    To help out with the order to Alkalize, we added Blue sequence numbers located at the bottom of the front label.

    For example:

    1. 8 a.m. Pear Aphrodisiac or Rejuvenation
    2. 10 a.m.  sarsaparilla Tea 
    3. 12 p.m Electric Green 
    4. 2 p.m. Cucumber cell Hydration 
    5. 4 p.m. Large amounts of Exodus Alkaline Water or Spring Water.  (to reach your gallon goal)
    6. Electric Greens Salad (or another Juice)
    7. 8 p.m. Burdock ☕️ Tea (steeped)

    Cleansing or Detoxing is all about Balance, Not Difficulty! So for restful sleep, you want to slow down on drinking water after 8 p.m. so you're not up all night urinating 😎 #alkalizeup #yourgonnaluvit

    “The Body Needs Minerals”

    Dr. Sebi


    Note: Currently all Alkalizing Juices & Food are local truck, pick up, car-side takeout, or delivery only. #StayTunedIn 

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